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Our Mission

Equine NutriceuticalsRx is committed to setting new standards of excellence in helping maintain the overall health and well-being of the Professional Equine, through innovations in preventative and restorative nutraceutical ingredient-based products and programs.

About Equine NutriceuticalsRx

Equine NutriceuticalsRx, LLC is a privately held company founded by a group of Veterinarians, MDs, PhDs, Nutritionists, Health Professionals, and Thoroughbred Owners.

Equine NutriceuticalsRx’s products are made available exclusively through Veterinarians, in keeping with the company’s belief that equine medical professionals are the critical link between the overall health & well-being of performance equines, and the trainers, farm managers, breeders, and other professionals involved in their care and training.

Through its relationships with veterinarians, health and science professionals, the medical community, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers, and leading universities, the company is focused on scientific research, testing and producing proven “next generation” products for Performance Equines, as evidenced by its work to date.